SF @ Night


Much better.


M3 Goodness


Still a sucker for a clean E46 M3….

Green machines


The J-Line @ 9:20


Living in SF isn’t quite as romantic as it sounds.  This picture which was taken 4 feet from my front door may be a little misleading, but it’s strange how SF is now just normal for me.  Living in a minimalistic fashion compared to my comfy life in Santa Clarita has helped me focus on what’s important and what’s just a luxury.  I’m still getting used to things like rent and simple groceries with an income that is less than ideal, but I get by and I’m having fun learning so much everyday.  I’ve said it and written it many times, but life’s a trip and the best you can do is just enjoy the ride.  So run through the rain, grab a seat on the J-Line, and go to someplace new!


To say my coworkers have good taste would be an understatement.

Work place


There are worse places to work….

A dark day in SF


The weather yesterday was dark and wet, the kind of weather that makes you want to make a hot cup of your favorite beverage and cuddle up with a loved one in a nice big warm bed or couch.  Since I don’t really have any of that and I’m not one to back down because of a little bit of rain, I went out for a drive.

Went to Treasure Island to take the first image.  Surprisingly enough, the temperature was actually no colder than the city, despite being out in the middle of the bay.  The image is ok, but between the two times I’ve visited the island, I have yet to grab take a shot that I’m truly proud of.  Afterwards, I drove over to Japan Town to swing by the Fatlace store and grab lunch.  Full of Katsu and rice, I walked over to church I saw earlier to take some pics.

If I haven’t mentioned before, I still have a grand appreciation for architecture and had for a long time (and still kinda going) wanted to be an architect myself.  Personally, I think the crucifix on the top should be removed.  It’s repetitive and the ugly thing just seems to be tacked on what is an otherwise gorgeous shape.   Anyways, I’m very pleased with how this image turned out.  A little dramatic and I wish that stupid bus wasn’t in the shot (couldn’t take it out, my PS skills aren’t THAT good yet) but the overall surreal feeling matches what I felt when I shot it.